The Importance of GPR Before Sawing Concrete

GPR Before Sawing Concrete

There are several potentially hidden objects beneath the surface that can significantly affect the structural integrity of your job site. If you don’t use the GPR before doing concrete sawing, it’s not worth the potential damage, not only to you, but to the structures around your site.

A concrete saw is a power tool used specifically for cutting hard materials such as concrete, asphalt, brick, masonry, and tile. There are several types depending on the size and scope of the project, from handheld models to walk-behind machines that resemble a lawnmower.

Ground Penetrating Radar in Quebec

Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) is used in many industries to see through natural and man-made materials. Ground Penetrating Radar can be used to locate metallic and non-metallic pipes, power lines, conduits, water lines, rebar, and post-tensioning cables within concrete.

With proper interpretation, these recorded signals show scanning technicians the location and depth of targets in concrete. Subsequently, a variety of GPR equipment is used, depending on the depth of the structure being investigated.

Technicians can identify a variety of potential conflicts, including post-tensioning cables, conduits, rebar, beams, and radiant heating lines.

The Importance of Concrete Sawing

Concrete sawing is the removal of selected parts of a concrete structure. This includes sawing off walls and slabs, as well as sawing off asphalt. Concrete sawing can also be used in conjunction with precast wall panels to speed up the construction process.

Save Time: If not addressed before construction begins, hitting underground objects can be time consuming. Hitting an object can significantly delay your progress, which hinders timely completion of projects.

Save money: If you have a clear idea of the project, you will know exactly how many resources are needed. Your client will know what to expect. Also, a delayed project can result in additional costs.

If you do the concrete sawing before you sweep, you risk penetrating objects such as gas lines, cables, or telecommunication lines, all of which can have a significant impact on people nearby.


Improve the safety and reduce the financial costs of your construction project by deciding to hire Scan Plus Concrete to perform a Ground Penetrating Radar scanning prior to sawing concrete on your site.

Our GPR cable line detection experts will help you locate potential underground hazards so you can safely move forward with your projects. Call us today to find out how our ground-penetrating radar detection services can save you a lot of time and money.