GPR is a way to generate a profile of underground structures in a non-destructive way. GPR is a geophysical method that uses radar pulses to obtain images of the underground. This non-destructive method uses electromagnetic radiation waves and detects signals reflected from underground structures.

Proper use of these non-destructive technologies can save utility owners significant costs in rebuilding and repairing utilities damaged by improper excavation techniques.

In addition, ensuring the safety and well-being of excavation and drilling crews avoids the very real risk of damaging hazardous utilities such as high-voltage power lines, high-pressure gas or fuel lines, critical telecommunications, and water services.

GPR Underground Detection

Ground Geophysical Analyses

We offer a wide range of specialized ground and borehole geophysical services in support of environmental and engineering projects. Our trained professionals provide comprehensive 2-D and 3-D geophysical data acquisition, processing, and interpretation services to reduce the likelihood of overlooking unexpected subsurface conditions, while improving the understanding of subsurface site characteristics.

Soil investigation is very important for detecting underground infrastructure. Soil conductivity is a measure of the ability of an electromagnetic signal to pass through an unknown material.

If the conductivity of the soil is low, the signal can travel further than a soil with a high conductivity, which limits and prevents the GPR to penetrate the soil properly. The question is whether the GPR technology can clearly “see” unknown objects under the ground.

Cable and Pipe Location

Thanks to advanced technology, we can locate water conduits, gas networks, telephone lines, storm water lines, electrical cables, and drainage conduits. With a wide range of state-of-the-art GPR underground detection equipment, we ensure fast, efficient, and affordable results.

Our technicians are fully accredited, well trained and have many years of experience. We provide pipe and cable locating and underground tank detection services at Scan Plus Concrete. Contact us today for a free estimate.

Underground tank detection – Locating utilities

Electronic underground utility detection is by far the safest and most accurate method of GPR underground detection. This locator features all the latest locating technologies, allowing us to offer the most accurate and reliable underground tank detection services available today.

Our proven techniques are widely used by major civil construction companies, engineering consultants, surveyors, and government departments, as well as private owners, fence builders and subcontractors.

Detecting underground infrastructure with GPR

When you are working under tight deadlines for your construction project, conducting a utility survey before starting work can save you a lot of time and frustration later on.

The effective use of the GPR to detect the presence of underground utilities and private services or other anomalies is highly dependent on favorable conditions, including burial depth and soil composition. GPR is most effective when the soil composition is homogeneous, such as dry sand.

Scan Plus Concrete offers GPR subsurface detection services or subsurface infrastructure detection can help your project become safer, more efficient and improve your results.

We know how important your business and your project are, which is why many in the civil engineering and construction industry turn to us to find out what services are underground on their site. The overall benefits to clients are good risk management, a high level of safety measures and minimized damage to utilities.