Scan Beton Georadar
Scan Beton Georadar
Scan Beton Georadar

Construction professionals working on cutting, coring, or drilling concrete structures need a safe and reliable way to inspect work areas to locate and identify hidden items that could damage machinery or pose a hazard to the operator or the structure itself during these activities.

Using the latest GPR detection technology to accurately locate rebar, post-tensioning cables, conduits and other targets buried in concrete structures, our technicians can ensure that no damage is done to vital structural reinforcement.

Our specialty is structural concrete. Our certified staff has a good understanding of how cables behave inside complex structural concrete buildings.

GPR Monitoring Service

Our GPR survey service provides accurate depth information and identifies subsurface anomalies and provides 2D and 3D images. These services include non-destructive testing, utility mapping and GPR surveying.

Underground Detection

The GPR allows operators to detect underground utilities, especially non-conductive pipes, and ducts, using high frequency radar. When locating underground utilities, GPR can be a valuable complement to electromagnetic cable and pipe locators.

At Scan Plus Concrete, safety is our priority. The GPR allows us to locate the position of underground features, protecting the integrity and strength of the concrete as you cut, core and break.

Once a subsurface feature is detected, we clearly mark its location. This guides concrete cutters and drillers, allowing them to efficiently break up the concrete without damaging machinery or subjecting themselves to a safety hazard. Using Scan Plus Concrete’s concrete scanning services is a proactive step to ensure an accident-free work zone that meets your deadlines.

Structural Testing Service

We have expertise in various structural testing situations. We can determine the properties of structures or materials and carry out a complete structural inspection of structural systems.

Concrete Testing Services

Scan Plus Concrete specializes in the testing, inspection, and evaluation of concrete structures. Our expertise in the field of concrete testing allows us to understand the impact of structural behavior on the selection of test areas. In addition, we are also experts in concrete durability. Therefore, we know how exposure and structure interact and what is critical for service life.

Controlling concrete placement and testing concrete to verify compliance with project plans and specifications. Concrete tests include slump, air content, yield, unit weight, temperature, water-cement ratio, in addition to casting concrete cylinders for flexural and compressive strength.

After the concrete is inspected, Scan Plus Concrete can proceed to core and drill the slab in a clean and dust-free manner.

Concrete Drilling

Concrete drilling consists of drilling perfectly round holes in hard structures such as concrete walls. This is the concrete drilling technique to use when precise circular penetration is required.

It can be done in slabs and walls at any angle. Electric or hydraulic drilling rigs can be used for drilling in sensitive areas or confined spaces.

Concrete drilling is faster and more accurate than other methods. Holes can be drilled to any depth and in limited and confined spaces. Hiring Scan Plus Concrete to conduct a core drilling after scanning the concrete with a GPR, greatly reduces the time required for set-up, completion, and clean-up, as well as the need to use several pieces of heavy equipment.

Using electric or hydraulic power, core drills can operate without excessive noise, fumes, exhaust, dust, or debris. This gives core drilling a significant advantage for indoor projects, including factories, offices, and homes.

Concrete Sawing

Concrete sawing, which involves making holes and penetrations in concrete, is an integral part of construction projects. Today, concrete sawing experts use a wide range of innovative tools and techniques that allow them to efficiently saw concrete and remove it from the job site.

Our indoor concrete sawing service sets us apart from other companies. Scan Plus Concrete specializes in concrete sawing and is an environmentally friendly company that uses electric power instead of oil for its equipment.