Before starting the procedure of cutting the concrete slab, it is necessary to perform a scan of the concrete with a Ground Penetrating Radar to detect pipes, conduits, post-tensioning cables, live wires, rebar, utilities, and other buried objects. This allows you to avoid risks and benefit from its advantages such as:

Safety first: What’s the best-case scenario when you unintentionally hit an underground hazard? Maybe you spend a few hours reporting and resolving the problem. Maybe a utility is interrupted. In the worst-case scenario, people are seriously or even fatally injured.

Concrete sweeping can protect your equipment: The second priority after worker safety for most construction site managers is usually equipment maintenance and protection. Concrete sweeping can prevent your crew from hitting embedded objects that can damage equipment and delay your project.

Avoid unnecessary costs: Accidental cutting in a location that causes damage always results in costs. Concrete sweeping saves you time and money in the long run.

Concrete Scanning with GPR Before Concrete Sawing

Structural Auscultation

We have extensive expertise in many structural monitoring situations. Indeed, we can determine the properties of structures or materials and perform a complete structural inspection of structural systems.

Concrete Auscultation with Ground Penetrating Radar

The GPR survey service provides accurate depth information, identifies subsurface anomalies, and displays 2D and 3D images. These services include non-destructive testing, utility mapping and GPR auscultation.

Scan Plus Concrete is a company specialized in detecting underground structures, such as water conduits, electrical wires etc. With our GPR service, we can guarantee that your project’s time and money will not be wasted. Our expertise in the field of concrete scanning allows us to better understand the impact of structural behavior on the choice of test areas.

In addition, concrete durability is also our specialty. This expertise allows us to know the interaction between the exposure and the structure and to know what is critical for the service life.

Verify concrete placement and perform concrete scanning to ensure compliance with project plans and specifications. Concrete scanning includes yield, slump, unit weight, air content, water-cement ratio, temperature, in addition to casting concrete cylinders for flexural and compressive strength.

GPR Detection and Concrete Sawing

GPR is a geophysical location method that uses radio waves to capture images below the ground surface in a minimally invasive manner. The big advantage of GPR detection is that it allows crews to accurately locate underground utilities without disturbing the ground.

Scan Plus Concrete offers concrete scanning and sawing services in one service. We identify each client’s needs and meet them with exceptional service by developing innovative and practical solutions for difficult and demanding construction and renovation projects using concrete sawing and concrete scanning.

Concrete sawing, typically used to cut materials such as cinder blocks, is very similar to a carpenter’s circular saw. Although generally larger and providing more torque, portable concrete saws reach depths of about six inches and are effective at creating small openings and shaving rough edges.

Scan Plus Concrete offers a GPR service that can also help you do the sawing safely. Indeed, with the GPR technology, concrete inspection can help you to better saw concrete slabs.

The advantage of working with Scan Plus Concrete is that our team can show up and get the job done quickly and efficiently. The job will always be completed on time. Our team makes sure to prevent any additional delays and problems from occurring in your project.

Slab sawing, this type of concrete sawing is also commonly called “flat” or “road” sawing. It is often used to dig trenches for rehabilitation projects.

For example, developers taking advantage of the wave of redevelopment of old factories into workspaces, light manufacturing and condos usually need to install additional water, sewer, and electrical lines.

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