misconceptions about GPR

What are the misconceptions about the GPR?

When there is a need to identify and assess what lies beneath a concrete surface without disfiguring it, GPR is the tool of choice for most civil engineers. A thorough knowledge of the location of conduits prior to excavation can help avoid utility outages and prevent damage. Although ground-penetrating scanning services are certainly not a new industry, there are many myths circulating among people.
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GPR Before Sawing Concrete

The Importance of GPR Before Sawing Concrete

There are several potentially hidden objects beneath the surface that can significantly affect the structural integrity of your job site. If you don’t use the GPR before doing concrete sawing, it’s not worth the potential damage, not only to you, but to the structures around your site.

A concrete saw is a power tool used specifically for cutting hard materials such as concrete, asphalt, brick, masonry, and tile. There are several types depending on the size and scope of the project, from handheld models to walk-behind machines that resemble a lawnmower.
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